Younger men, and you can include those in their 40s, often consider themselves bulletproof when it comes to their health. So to begin experiencing erectile dysfunction, a health issue they thought only ‘old dudes’ got, may come as quite a surprise. The fact is, some younger men do get erectile dysfunction (ED) too. And the numbers are surprising. A 2013 study showed as many as one in four men experiencing ED were under 40 years old.

How is this so?
The big difference between ED in younger men compared to those older may be found in the underlying causes. While both groups can be affected by the same causes, older men tend to experience ED due to health related issues such as high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes. For younger men it’s believed to be more the result of lifestyle factors.  Here are the common culprits….

Stress and anxiety.

Busy careers, big mortgages, a rocky relationship, even performance anxiety in the bedroom – stress and anxiety can have a big impact on cardiovascular health and blood pressure – both major causes of ED.

Being hard on your body.

Too much alcohol, smoking or taking drugs (illicit or otherwise) can cause ED as can a lack of exercise and living a sedentary life.  Less bad stuff and more of the good is your best bet.


As surprising as it may sound, it’s believed many younger men can’t achieve erections because their brains have been ‘rewired’ by watching too much porn. In their mind, real girls can’t compete with the hyper-stimulation of what they see on screen.

Physical Trauma

If your ED occurred after being hit, whacked or smacked ‘down there’ it could be due to physical trauma. This is when things get more serious because if your machinery is broken it won’t matter how much stress you remove or how much you clean up your lifestyle. Get a check up from your doctor ASAP.   

If you’re experiencing ED, young or not, keep in mind that many of the above causes are controllable to some degree. Reassessing work/life balance, dialing back poor lifestyle choices –  these are measures that could make all the difference. Another thing that will definitely help is a trip to your doctor. They’ll have a better idea what’s causing your ED and whether or not a treatment like Viagra is right for you.